The Dlouhé Stráně Hydroelectric Plant

A technical wonder on top of a mountain

The Dlouhé Stráně pumped-storage hydroelectric plant is not only a Czech rarity but, in many aspects, also a world rarity. It is actually a huge water reservoir that was created by cutting off the top of Mount Mravenečník.  The plant works on a simple principle: water is released from the upper reservoir to the lower reservoir during peak hours, turns the turbine and produces electricity. At night, when electricity is cheaper, water is pumped back into the huge dam.

The plant is open to the public and you can visit the underground area with the electricity-producing technology. You can learn everything about this unique plant, which is considered one of the seven wonders of the Czech Republic. The road leading to the upper reservoir is a difficult bike route. It was made from high-quality asphalt from Albania that is able to withstand the harsh weather conditions in this region.

The Dlouhé Stráně hydroelectric plant is a landmark that can be seen from many hilltops of the Jeseníky Mountains and is in the direct line of those taking the most famous route between Červenohorské sedlo and Švýcarna. 


IC Dlouhé Stráně
Kouty nad Desnou 30
788 11 Kouty nad Desnou
Tel.: +420 583 283 282

The Dlouhé Stráně Hydroelectric Plant
The Dlouhé Stráně Hydroelectric Plant