The Historical Center of Nový Jičin

The center of Nový Jičin is considered by experts to be a typical example of a perfectly preserved medieval town from the thirteenth century. Life unfolded around the picturesque square with its arcades on all sides that creates not only a beautiful atmosphere but also protection from the wind and rain. The square is an example of how cities, founded during the reign of Premysl Otakar II, originally looked.

From the square, streets lead to original ‘šenk’ houses (tap-houses). These were farmhouses where it was allowed to brew and serve beer and later also permitted to sell wine and brandy. While the western side of the city was a place where the local land-lord lived and is still the location of Žerotínský chateau, the eastern part was devoted to spiritual life. Here, the tower of the Church of the Assumption rises into the sky and there is still the original cemetery and narrow, mysterious streets that meet at the small square ‘kostelnímu’ (church square).
Further from the square, on the outer side of the former city walls, stand villas of significant local entrepreneurs and buildings reminiscent of Viennese palaces or old Art Nouveau cafes. Nový Jičin is an ideal city from which you can explore the history of the area. The beauty of the city center is proven by the fact that in 2001, the historic center of Nový Jičin was declared ‘Historical Town of the year’.


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The Historical Center of Nový Jičin
The Historical Center of Nový Jičin
The Historical Center of Nový Jičin