The Historical Centre of Krnov

Krnov was a prestigious town at the Czech-Polish border and the centre of the Krnov Principality. The town’s importance grew during the Renaissance period, which is apparent from some of the houses and streets in the historical centre.

You can see Baroque and Renaissance elements on the facades of the burgess homes in Zámecká Street. The town’s past wealth is also displayed through the palaces built because of the local textile factories. Some of the architectural jewels include the family villa of the factory owner Flemmich and the Silesia Palace.  

The castle, which replaced the original stronghold, also preserved Renaissance elements, though, it is not open to the public. The town’s landmark is the Neo-Renaissance town hall with its typical tower. The Jewish synagogue, which has survived by miracle and has recently been reconstructed to its original form, is a unique historical monument.


TIC Krnov
Hobzíkova 13/11
794 01 Krnov

The Historical Centre of Krnov
The Historical Centre of Krnov