The Jeseník Local History Museum

Learn about this region in the local history museum in Jeseník, which is located in the historical stronghold surrounded by a moat. In one part of the exhibition, you can see prehistoric artefacts and learn about the mining and spa history.

There is also a large collection of minerals and rocks, which also includes a two-ton erratic boulder in front of the museum building. A large space is dedicated to plants and animals from the meadows and forests in the Jeseníky Mountains.

A wonderful new exhibition is dedicated to the infamous processes of the Inquisition that accused many women and men from this region of witchcraft. This witch-hunt lasted almost the entire 17th century. You can learn more about it from the museum’s documents and historical artefacts. The museum exhibits the Inquisition’s barbaric methods, such as the torture instruments used to make people confess their pact with the Devil. You can also enjoy a film shown on a misty cloud instead of a screen. 


Vlastivědné muzeum Jesenicka
Zámecké náměstí 1
790 01 Jeseník
Tel.: +420 584 401 070

The Jeseník Local History Museum
The Jeseník Local History Museum