The Jeseníky PLA

Unparalleled, unique, mysterious and picturesque. Such is the nature at the Jeseníky Mountains. The landscape was formed over millions of years, creating springs, creeks, waterfalls, pools, a peat bog, as well as high mountains covered with grass or scrubby trees that survive the harsh climate.

The Jeseníky Mountains are the home of many types of birds, animals, insects, vegetation, herbs and trees. There are hundreds and thousands of fauna and flora that created their own world here. You will not find many of them anywhere else and natural scientists from the entire country and abroad come here to admire them. Photographers, who capture the mysterious atmosphere of the local forests, creeks and unparalleled panoramas, love the Jeseníky Mountains.

It is no wonder that this entire territory was declared a single large Protected Landscape Area in 1969 and covers an area of 740 km2. Most of this area is covered with man-planted spruce and beech trees, set alongside natural forests.

The most valued parts of the Protected Landscape Area include four natural reserves by the summits of Mount Praděd, Mount Šerák-Keprník and Mount Rejvíz and around the Skřítek Peat Bog. Velká kotlina is the richest botanical location with 450 types of embryophyta. In the Jeseníky Mountains, you can see a lynx and, once in a great while, a wolf and a bear.

The Jeseníky Mountains are a very unique area for the Czech Republic, and in Europe as a whole. Here, you can learn about the local nature and do sports all year long. In the past, the mountains were a part of the Sudetes, which considerably affected the life of people that were bounded with these rugged, yet magnificent, mountains for centuries. 


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The Jeseníky PLA