The Municipal Museum in Rýmařov

The Roman coin from the 1st century AD is the oldest object discovered in Rýmařov. You can see it in the section of the museum that showcases the Rýmařov settlement and its surroundings.

Most objects from the Renaissance era are connected with the castle in Janovice. If you love minerals and rocks, you will definitely enjoy the section that presents the geology of the Jeseník region. You can also learn about gold prospecting in this region, and, in the building of the former Hedva textile factory, you can learn about the history of textile production in Rýmařov. 


Městské muzeum Rýmařov
nám. Míru 6
795 01 Rýmařov

Tel.: +420 554 254 382

The Municipal Museum in Rýmařov