The museum in Albrechtičky

The museum on the daily lives of rural populations is located in Albrechtičky. It is housed in the oldest building in the village, and you can explore the museum together with the many other places that make up Pohádkové Poodří (Fairytale Poodří).

Puškvoreček the elf, son of the local water goblin, will guide you through the museum. During the day, he lives in the original timbered houses, and this is exactly when he will take you under his wing. You see, the Muzeum vesnické kultury (Museum of Village Culture) is situated in exactly one of these cottages. At night, Puškvoreček takes care of the carp in the local ponds. So if you want this fairytale character to introduce you to life in the countryside of Moravské Kravařsko, you will have your chance to meet him in Albrechtičky.


Muzeum obce Albrechtičky
Albrechtičky 76
742 55 Albrechtičky
+420 558 272 414
Tel.: +420 558 272 414

The museum in Albrechtičky
The museum in Albrechtičky