The New City Hall Viewing Tower in Ostrava

Despite the fact that Ostrava's New City Hall was built back in the 1920s, the lookout balcony remains the tallest city hall lookout to this day.

The tower is 85 metres tall and the lookout stands 73 metres above ground. It offers excellent views of the entire city of Ostrava, the Beskydy mountain range and Poland. In favourable weather, visitors can even see the Jeseníky Mountains.

On the lookout balcony, a tour guide will teach you about the city of Ostrava. The individual city districts are easily distinguishable by their church spires. Another impressive structure easily seen from the balcony is the Cathedral of the Divine Saviour in the heart of the city. Visitors can also determine where Přívoz or the Mariánské Hory Mountains are.

Today, the city hall is the symbol of Ostrava. The express lift, which rises to a height of over fifty metres above ground, was the fastest in Czechoslovakia at the time. The tower’s clock has a diameter of three and a half metres and its hands are one and three quarters metres long.

Until recently, the New City Hall lookout balcony was highest point a person could reach in Ostrava. In May 2015, the lookout balcony of Bolt Tower, built above the blast furnace in Dolní oblast Vítkovice, became the tallest.


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The New City Hall Viewing Tower in Ostrava