The Obecní dům (Municipal House) in Opava

Built in Opava by architect Rudolf Eisler, this building originally served as a bank. In recent years, it has been transformed into the Obecní dům (Municipal House), a pillar of culture that houses a gallery and multi-genre club that is host to countless expositions, concerts, and discussion sessions.

The permanent exhibit, titled “Cesta města” (“The City’s Journey”), is worth a visit., It highlights the history of Opava and presents the development of the city from the Stone Age to present day. There is a wide range of unique exhibit items, including a three-dimensional model of the city.

The Obecní dům’s observation deck offers beautiful views of Opava’s city centre.


Opavská kulturní organizace
Ostrožná 46
746 01 Opava
Tel.: +420 553 791 947

The Obecní dům (Municipal House) in Opava