The Praděd Gallery in Jiříkov

The Praděd Gallery of Jiříkov in the Bruntál region is a great place for those who come to the Jeseníky Mountains with children and want to have fun. It exhibits more than 250 pieces of artwork from the woodcarver, Jiří Halouzka.

The gallery is on a fallow deer farm, which also includes a giant nativity scene with 150 life-size figurines, including an elephant and a camel. 

This gallery includes a wooden statue of the ruler of the mountain, Praděd, which is another rarity. This is also the largest statue, measuring over 10 meters and weighing 15 tons. The third unique artwork is a giant carving of Praděd’s realm, made of lime wood and covered with a roof to protect it from rain.

All three of Halouzka’s unique artworks have been included in the Czech Book of Records. 


Pradědova galerie U Halouzků
Jiříkov 39
793 51 Břidličná
Tel.: +420 731 491 633

The Praděd Gallery in Jiříkov