The Radegast Brewery

If you like beer and want to see how the frothy fluid is made, you can go to the Radegast brewery in Nošovice. Excursions, for those interested, give an insight into the entire production of beer that has been brewed below Beskydy since 1970. For example, you will learn how important the quality of water is (which is taken from the nearby dam Moravka) to the taste of the beer.

You will see not only the areas where there is beer, but also a huge production-line where the famous beer is bottled. The conclusion to the brewery tour is dedicated to tasting at the brewery restaurant lookout tower. You will be able to enjoy not only the beer but also the views of the surrounding peaks Beskydy.


Pivovar Radegast
Nošovice 238
739 51 Nošovice
Tel.: +420 558 602 566

The Radegast Brewery
The Radegast Brewery