The Skřítek Saddle

The Skřítek Saddle is the starting place for many hikers and cross-country skiers who want to experience the Jeseníky Mountains. It is a plateau with the Skřítek peat bog, which is now a protected area. Visitors can take the Ridges and Mountain Meadows Educational Trail to learn more about the local countryside.

The Skřítek Saddle is also known for its local lodge, where bikers meet and enjoy the winding road and 180-degree curves. The stone statue of Skřítek is located in front of the lodge.  It is said that he looks in four cardinal directions.

The road through the saddle connects Šumperk and Rýmařov and is a part of the old imperial route built in the middle of the 19th century by the famous Klein brothers. They were from an entrepreneurial family whose members were ennobled. The route was built to facilitate the transport of wood to the ironworks in Sobotín. In fact, you can also visit the tomb of the Klein family in Sobotín.  


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The Skřítek Saddle