The Slezská Kalvárie (Silesian Calvary) at Hradec nad Moravicí

The hill named Kalvárie (Calvary) is known to the thousands of participants in the Silesia Bike Marathon as one of the most brutal climbs. It is here that the largest number of fans congregate. The Kalvárie, however, has a two hundred year old tradition with regular pilgrimages taking place here.

The stations of the cross were established on this hill near Hradec nad Moravicí in 1774 based on a dream had by Anna Maria Magdalena Thomagnini, the local estate owner’s mother She dreamt of believers ascending a glowing hill. This was the impetus for the construction of the wooden stations which were later replaced by stone chapels in the mid-19th century with depictions of Jesus Christ’s path to Golgotha.

Kalvárie offers beautiful views of Hradec nad Moravicí and Opava. Visitors can also walk to the chateau park, to the chateau, or to the Moravice River.


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The Slezská Kalvárie (Silesian Calvary) at Hradec nad Moravicí