The Statue of Radegast on Radhošť

This statue, made of artificial stone, was created in America by Albin Polasek. The sculptor, who in his homeland couldn't find work at that time, taught sculpture at the Academy of Art in Chicago.

Apparently, the transport of the statue was complicated as it became stuck in one of the turns of old road from Trojanovice to Pustevny, which is today known as “the prince’s way”. A violent storm blew in which meant that Radegast was pulled out of the trap by a team of six horses on the next day. A soldier who kept guard over the statue overnight was reportedly struck by lightning.
‘Radegast’ is the pagan god of war and victory but also the god of hospitality and abundance. The ancient Slavs used to go to the mountain Radhošť to worship this god. The cult of Radegast tried to force out the christian missionaries Cyril and Methodius, who erected a cross on Radhošt. The idol of Radegast then apparently moved to the underground caverns of Radhošt. According to legend, there are still corridors, caves and underground temples to be found here.


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The Statue of Radegast on Radhošť
The Statue of Radegast on Radhošť
The Statue of Radegast on Radhošť