The Synagogue in Krnov

It is a miracle that the Jewish synagogue in Krnov survived Nazism and still exists. During the occupation, Germans needed a place for a town market. Local Jews removed all the symbols of their faith from the synagogue and the Germans set it up shops.

Because of this, you can now admire this Neo-Romanesque synagogue with a Moorish interior.

Currently, all the symbols of the Jewish faith are returned and the Hebrew inscriptions that were painted over were restored. The original organ, made by the local world-renowned Rieger-Kloss firm, which was discovered during the search for the original interior.

The synagogue also serves as a view-tower that provides another bird’s eye view of the Krnov region. You can book a visit to the synagogue in the local tourist information centre. 


Krnovská synagoga
Soukenická 28
794 01 Krnov

Tel.: +420 608 643 487

The Synagogue in Krnov
The Synagogue in Krnov