Trojhalí Karolina in Ostrava

This multi-functional complex is an example of how to make use of old production facilities

Trojhalí Karolina shows just how to transform a colossal former industrial complex into a multi-functional, modern sports and cultural complex.The complex of immense halls, reinforced by steel and built in brick, served as facilities for the Jáma Karolina mine and its local coking plant. Today, it is used for badminton matches or indoor football games. The structure also hosts concerts, to which the mid-nineteenth century hall gives an extraordinary atmosphere.

While they were able to save Trojhalí, integral to the local colour of Ostrava, the old coking plant, Karolina, was demolished in the late 1980s. The modern shopping centre Forum Nová Karolina stands here now. The entire area links Ostrava’s city centre with the industrial Dolní oblast Vítkovice.


Trojhalí Karolina
K Trojhalí 3361/5
702 00 Ostrava
Tel.: +420 725 360 218

Trojhalí Karolina in Ostrava
Trojhalí Karolina in Ostrava