Velká Čantoryje Lookout Tower

Almost thirty metres high is the lookout tower on the top of the mythical Velká Čantoryje. The mountain is the highest peak of the Těšínské Beskydy and the ridge forms the border between the Czech Republic and Poland. The views from the lookout tower are not only of these two countries, but also of Slovakia.

The village of Nýdek and the Moravian-Silesian Beskydy Mountains lie below you, and if the weather is good, the Jeseníky Mountains are also on the horizon. Towards Slovakia is the Kysuce region and in the distance you can see the Tatra Mountains. Towards Poland, the spa town of Ustroň and the Vistula River valley stretch out.

There is a refreshment centre right next to the lookout tower and a typical mountain lodge from 1904 just below the peak of Velká Čantoryje. On the mountainside is the Čantoria Nature Reserve, which protects the original food-beech forest.


Rozhledna Velká Čantoryje
Nýdek 580
739 96 Nýdek
Tel.: +420 558 272 014

Velká Čantoryje Lookout Tower
Velká Čantoryje Lookout Tower
Velká Čantoryje Lookout Tower