Velký Roudný Hill

The 780m hill, called Velký Roudný, is the highest volcano that formed the landscape around Bruntál two million years ago. Together with Malý Roudný Hill, these landmarks show the amount of volcanic activity in the past. Both hills are nicely set in the backdrop of the Slezská Harta Dam.

The chapel on the top of Velký Roudný Hill, which led to the Stations of the Cross, used to be a pilgrimage destination. Both the chapel and the Calvary have recently been renovated. From the wooden view-tower, you can see the skyline of the Jeseníky Mountains, Slezská Harta and the vast countryside of the Bruntál region. In the vicinity, there are locations where you can find lava flow remains from volcanoes that are already extinct. The most interesting places where lava formed thick visible layers include the tuffites, near the village of Rázová and the lava flow by Mezina.

To get to the top, take the Eruptive Rocks Educational Trail near the Slezská Harta Dam. The trail has 15 stops and explains the volcanic activity in the Bruntál region.


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Velký Roudný Hill
Velký Roudný Hill