Větrný mlýn Spálov Windmill

The wind on this open plain was harnessed to power the mill near Spálov

One way people were able to utilise nature to their advantage is the windmill near Spálov. The stone structure is labelled the smallest windmill in the Czech Republic. It was built in 1929 by František Baler. There were once seven windmills in the area surrounding Spálov, but one by one, these were transported to other locations, and so suddenly there were no mills left in the area. For this reason Baler decided to build a new mill.

One interesting technical fact is that the mills in this area used to be wooden German-style mills. They were a sort of “hut on fowl’s legs” that would rotate with the direction of the wind. But the windmill by Spálov utilised the experience of Dutch builders, and only the roof with the wind sails moved with the wind direction. This is why the structure could be built of stone, making it sturdier. And this is also why it has survived to this day.

After the death of the owner in 1940, the windmill fell into disrepair, and gradually only the exterior walls remained. Today, the mill has been repaired, and serves as a technical monument for those interested in learning about the traditions of Moravské Kravařsko, and is also a part of Pohádkové Poodří (Fairy tale Poodří), which is a draw for excursions to this picturesque area, particularly for young visitors.


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Větrný mlýn Spálov Windmill
Větrný mlýn Spálov Windmill