Vrbice Windy Pit in Ostrava

One of the most remarkable mines in the region of Ostrava

At the Vrbice Windy Pit, aesthetics play a role in the industrial structure of this hole in the ground.Emperor Ferdinand built these facilities in the early twentieth century. Considered a cultural monument, efforts are being made for them to be added the UNESCO World Heritage list. Mechanical equipment, along with the colossal compressors that forced air into the mine, the massive electrical motors and the mining equipment were preserved. Even the construction of the shafts themselves—built from bricks and steel—are pleasing to the eye. Today, the complex is closed to the public and work is being done to save this valuable industrial complex.


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Vrbice Windy Pit in Ostrava
Vrbice Windy Pit in Ostrava
Vrbice Windy Pit in Ostrava