Water tower in Karvina

This technical monument has appeared on postage stamps

This tall, slender building that stands alone in Karvina reminds you of a watchtower which, as if by miracle, was left behind by an old castle. In fact, it is an old water tower that was built in the 1920s.Water towers were needed for the expanding network of the water supply in Fryštát, the name of Karvina at the time. During World War II, it served as a watch tower until the end of the war when it was damaged by the German army. In its state of disrepair, water was supplied to homes for just three hours a day.

Today, this interesting building that is almost forty meters tall, has six floors and a water tank at the top doesn’t serve its original purpose. But, the fact that it is a technically interesting building that dominates the landscape was made clear by the fact that in 2007, it was reproduced on a postage stamp in the issue of technical monuments.


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Water tower in Karvina
Water tower in Karvina