Wesselsky Watermill

This 16 -century mill is one of twelve stops on the Moravian-Silesian Technotrasa (Technical Trail)

The newly reconstructed Wesselsky Watermill near Odry was built in the 16th century. The mill is one of the technical monuments that the Moravian-Silesian Region has included in its Technotrasa (Technical Trail).This educational trail guides visitors interested in technical monuments or in history in general. Interesting features of the Wesselsky mill include the giant, almost four-metre tall wooden waterwheel, and the water is brought to the mill by an almost three-kilometre long millrace.

The mill is situated in the beautiful natural landscape of the Oder River. A visit to this monument is a great way to liven up a trip to this part of the Poodří Region and even offers overnight lodgings.


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Wesselsky Watermill
Wesselsky Watermill
Wesselsky Watermill
Wesselsky Watermill