World Museum and the Bible Library

Come visit this globally unique museum in the building of the old Jablunkov monastery, where you will be taken aback by the sheer amount of Bibles!

The collection includes several hundred exhibits in different languages and also includes rare pieces such as Bibles written in the language of the Zulu tribe or in the artificially created Esperanto, a water Bible, which is showcased in an aquarium filled with water, a manuscript of the Gospel of Mark on cigarette paper, or a Bible that needs to go under a microscope. You may also admire Bibles from 1549 and 1556 – 7, unique paraphrased psalms in Latin from 1542, as well as paintings, maps and other unique materials.


Světové Muzeum a Knihovna Bible
Nádražní 52
739 91 Jablunkov
Tel.: +420 733 139 882

World Museum and the Bible Library
World Museum and the Bible Library