Žákovský háj (Students’ Grove) in Fulnek

Nature is the best teacher. Nobody knew this better than John Amos Comenius, a man whose life was linked with educational theory and practice.

Consequently, he often enjoyed teaching his students on the hill of the nearby chateau. Today, this spot offers views of the valley below and is a favourite strolling destination for the residents of Fulnek. Comenius’s “school in nature” is called Žákovský háj (Students’ Grove).

The spot features a stone amphitheatre and an obelisk by sculptor Olbram Zoubek to remind visitors that Comenius once taught here. Tourists are guided to Žákovský háj by a nature trail called “Člověče, zastav se…” (“Man, stop…”) that is two-and-a-half kilometres long and has thirteen stops at the most interesting places around the city.


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Žákovský háj (Students’ Grove) in Fulnek