Holy Trinity Church in Fulnek

One of Fulnek's dominating features is the baroque parish Holy Trinity Church. Rising above the cityscape, even from the exterior it is evident this is one of the most important baroque structures of not only Moravské Kravařsko, but all of Moravia. At the same time, it also conceals gothic elements from the original thirteenth-century church.

This important monument stands in place of the original gothic church that was consecrated in the name of Saints Philip and James, and was used by monks. Today, this church is associated primarily with exquisite decorations that recall scenes from the Bible, hence their nickname Picture Bible. One of its impressive features is the corridor of the cross, which is the most valuable gothic monument in Fulnek.

In an honorary spot by the altar stands a painting of Mary Help of Christians, which is linked to a miracle described by believers in the mid-18th century, when tears appeared on the painting. The locals believed in the healing effects of the painting, and came to pray before it and decorate the painting with flowers. The painting remains to this day one of the most valuable relics of the cathedral.

The church has been repaired, thus it now serves not only as a place of worship for local churchgoers, but also as a draw for tourists exploring this region.


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Holy Trinity Church in Fulnek
Holy Trinity Church in Fulnek