Kanihůra Lookout Tower

Though the hilltop near the town of Bílov is not a a steep mountain, thanks to the surrounding flat landscape, it too offers some of the best views of the Poodří Protected Landscape Area. The hilltop earned the poetic name of Kanihůra, and in the past was home to a wooden lookout tower.

Today’s metal tower is over 60 metres tall, featuring an observation deck at 60 metres above ground. It offers views of the entire Moravian-Silesian Beskydy Mountain Range, as well as the Hostýnské vrchy Hills and Palkovické hůrky Mountains. From here, you can see Starý Jičín Castle, and Trúba Tower—part of Štramberk Castle—is hard to miss, too. And the entire Ostrava Basin, with the cities of Frýdek-Místek and Ostrava, is virtually at your fingertips.

From Kanihůra, you can continue toward Rybník Košatka Pond, to Studénka, Bílovec, Albrechtičky, or other places around Moravské Kravařsko.


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Kanihůra Lookout Tower