Mendelův kaštan (Mendel’s Chestnut Tree) in Hynčice u Vražného

The chestnut tree in Hynčice u Vražného is nicknamed "Mendelův kaštan" ("Mendel's Chestnut Tree"). Rumour has it this is not just because this is where the brilliant scientist and founder of genetics was born, but apparently this very tree was actually planted by him and his sister, Theresia.

Supposedly, Mendel brought the sapling here from the garden of the Augustinian abbey in Brno. Over time, the tree became such a dominant feature of the surrounding landscape that, during World War II, gunners used it as a prominent point when taking aim.

Today, there is a place to sit by the tree with a view of the Beskydy Mountains and the Poodří landscape. This spot certainly merits a stop during your visit to the birth house of Johann Gregor Mendel in Vražné.


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Mendelův kaštan (Mendel’s Chestnut Tree) in Hynčice u Vražného