Protected Landscape Area Beskydy

Beskydy forms the largest protected landscape area in the Czech Republic. You can climb the mountain ridges, visit the old-growth forests, walk through ancient pastures and explore mountain rivers. You will see trees that are centuries old, rare flora, birds and animals that have made this area their home.

The CHKO area (Protected Landscape Area) covers almost the entire Beskydy Mountains, Javorníky and Vsetínské hills. The rivers Bečva and Ostravice originate here along with their numerous tributaries.
Rare animals live here, whether they are threatened species of reptiles or carnivores, including bears, lynx and wolves. Although the territory is protected, it can be visited by nature-lovers. Beskydy is a paradise for hiking and increasingly more and more people are enjoying this area by mountain bike.


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Protected Landscape Area Beskydy
Protected Landscape Area Beskydy