Silesian Museum

It sounds incredible but the Silesian Museum (specifically its Historic Exhibit Building) is the oldest museum in the country. Even the National Museum at the upper end of St Wenceslas Square in Prague was built four years later.

The Silesian Museum was born at the local gymnasium in 1814. Its foundation was aided by local professors and the enlightened mayor Jan Josef Schössler, whose “signature” can be found under many of the city’s most progressive ideas.

Today, the museum collection compiles over two and a half million exhibits and documents, making it the third most extensive museum in the country. If you want to know more about the history of this area from prehistoric times until this day, be sure not to miss the Silesian Museum in Opava in your itinerary.

Other expositions are also part of the museum, such as the Czechoslovak Fortification System in Darkovičky near Hlučín. The museum also documents the legacy of poet Petr Beruč.


Slezské zemské muzeum
Komenského 10
746 01 Opava
Tel.: +420 553 714 809

Silesian Museum
Silesian Museum