The John Amos Comenius Memorial in Fulnek

Today, the building where John Amos Comenius led his fraternal congregation stands as a memorial to this philosopher. The late-15th century complex includes a prayer hall, school, and garden. Today, it welcomes visitors to discover the life and work of Comenius, who worked in Fulnek.

With the departure of Comenius from Fulnek, the fraternal congregation closed. Local Capuchin monk Bonaventura (the Capuchin who burned Comenius’s library) attempted to consecrate this prayer hall as the Catholic Saint Wenceslaus Church, but his efforts were not met with support. The building then served as a granary, and later even a riding school, before being purchased in 1691 by the local burgher, Eliáš Knurr. Once again consecrated, it served as a chapel, but in the nineteenth century, it began to deteriorate.

The former prayer hall became the John Amos Comenius Memorial in 1954, and the exposition was transformed entirely in 1992, when Fulnek residents celebrated the 400 years’ milestone since his birth. The exposition presents Comenius’s life and introduces the history of the Unity of the Brethren. Those interested in learning more can continue to the Muzeum Moravských bratří (Moravian Brethren Museum) in Suchdol nad Odrou, which tells the story of the departure of the members of the Unity of the Brethren from Moravské Kravařsko into the world.


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The John Amos Comenius Memorial in Fulnek