The Villa of Eduard Liska at Bazaly

The villa of Dr. Eduard Liska is a prime example of functionalism. This national cultural monument stands in the famous Bazaly football district and has a view of the city of Ostrava.

It is extraordinary that, despite the fact that the house is still occupied today, it has retained almost all of its original furnishings exactly the way JUDr. Liska wanted it. Thus, the house has kept its original layout, with its breathtaking panoramic views of the city below. Other elements, such as the heating system, which utilises an ingenious furnace that distributes heat to all of the rooms, have also been kept intact. Even the electrical outlets and light switches have remained the same.

The current owner opens her villa to the public on special occasions so that architecture, design enthusiasts and others have the opportunity to view the interior as well.


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The Villa of Eduard Liska at Bazaly