The watermill in Bartošovice

Hark back to the time when millwheels were driven by the power of water

Where there is water, there is life. And this is true not only for fish, birds, and water plants. Water brought subsistence to rural populations, as well. The watermill in Bartošovice is a reminder of what life was like in the time when water was a main source of energy. This monument, which slowly emerged in the 15th century, has been restored and is currently under private ownership. Tours are available by appointment, but the mill is open to visitors during festivals, when they can inspect the original mill equipment.

The Bartošovice Chateau lies nearby, and can be accessed by the Zámecká naučná stezka (Chateau Nature Trail). You can also visit the Dům přírody Poodří wildlife centre in town.


Bartošovický mlýn
Bartošovice 208
742 54 Bartošovice
Tel.: +420 737 136 309

The watermill in Bartošovice
The watermill in Bartošovice
The watermill in Bartošovice