Volcanoes in the Bruntál Region

The countryside by Bruntál was formed by volcanoes that erupted lava and sulphur less than two million years ago.

It may seem like it happened a very long time ago, but these volcanoes are, in fact, one of the youngest. To this day, you can see the remains of the volcanic activity around Bruntál.  The most famous volcano is the Uhlířský Hill near Bruntál, which was a famous pilgrimage destination. There is also a chapel on Velký Roudný Hill.

The natural formation of basaltic columns, called the Lava Flows by Medina, is very unique.

The tops of some of the volcanoes have become a natural reserve where rare types of plants grow because of the specific type of soil and dry weather. The volcanoes also provide a magnificent view of the surrounding countryside: the Jeseníky Mountains, the lowland toward Opava and the Slezská Harta Dam. The old extinct volcanoes of Bruntál are one of the many reasons for visiting this location, as well as learning about the region’s history, geology and homeland.

The Eruptive Rocks Educational Trail will take you to all volcanoes in the Bruntál region and to each site that show volcanic activity.


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Volcanoes in the Bruntál Region
Volcanoes in the Bruntál Region