Vyhlídka Belárie Lookout at Hradec nad Moravicí

"Bella ria!" is what legend claims Italian guests exclaimed when visiting the chateau in Hradec nad Moravicí and its stunning views of the Moravice River.

“Bella ria” translates to “beautiful river,” and so the name for this spot stuck. It is carved into a stone that stands by the rocky promontory above the river to this day. The spot is thus known as Belárie.

It almost seems that the landscape surrounding Hradec nad Moravicí was made for a romantic walk or mountain bike ride. In addition to the chateau, other places to visit in Hradec nad Moravicí include Kopec Kalvárie ( Calvary Hill). or Bezručova vyhlídka Lookout.


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Vyhlídka Belárie Lookout at Hradec nad Moravicí