Zdeněk Burian Museum

The painter and illustrator of many books, Zdeněk Burian, was born in Koprivnice but many of their children's games took place in nearby Štramberk.

The historic town attracted local children due to the mysterious cave which sparked children’s imagination and started their journey of discovery. His life and work is remembered in the local Zdeněk Burian Museum. The expositions are housed in a building from the early eighteenth century.


Muzeum Zdeňka Buriana
Náměstí 31
742 66 Štramberk

E-mail: mzb@stramberk.cz
Web: http://www.zdenekburian.cz/
Tel.: +420 558 840 619

Zdeněk Burian Museum
Zdeněk Burian Museum