Chateau Bruntál

Only very few chateaus offer their visitors so many original interior spaces, furniture and rococo paintings as does the Bruntál chateau. Unlike other Czech chateaus, it also has an atypical layout — a sector of a circle with a renaissance arcade court and a clock tower. All this makes the Bruntál chateau one of the most significant edifices of its kind in Silesia.

Throughout the tour of the chateau, you will visit the chapel, audience hall, library and of course the chambers, lounges and study of archduke Eugen – the last Grand Master of the Teutonic Order from the House of Habsburg. The chateau belonged to this order for many centuries and it is thanks to the order that today we can admire a rare collection of Dutch, German and Italian artists.

In the chambers of the oldest part of the castle, the so-called Old Palace, a museum exhibit details the nature of the Bruntál area and the local crafts and trades. The chateau is surrounded by a spacious park with a salla terena, the remainders of the town fortification system with bastions and a pond.

To hear the rest of the story, you can visit the Sovinec Castle. If you are interested in discovering country life, we recommend the historic scythery in Karlovice.


Zámek Bruntál
Zámecké nám. 1/7
792 01 Bruntál
Tel.: +420 554 717 947

Chateau Bruntál
Chateau Bruntál
Chateau Bruntál
Chateau Bruntál