Metallurgy in the Rýmařov Vicinity

The countryside around Rýmařov is filled with old tunnels and pits. Some of them are still unknown. Moreover, nobody knows exactly where they are and how far they stretch.

The Celts were the first to discover that the countryside around Rýmařov was rich in precious metals. They probably panned gold already at a time Before Christ, based on the small piles of waste rocks that were discovered. The Slavs, who arrived after them, were more interested in exploiting iron ore.

During the following centuries, people were forced to look for precious metals below the ground since the deposits on the surface had been exhausted. Mining reached its peak in the 16th century.

You can learn more about mining in the municipal museum in Rýmařov, where you can also enjoy a display of rocks and minerals. 


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Metallurgy in the Rýmařov Vicinity