Exploring the Oder River area

The Oder River is an attractive place to explore a wilderness full of forests, cliffs, and views of the river's silvery surface. It is also a place where one can tour the region's technical monuments. One can also get a sense of the turbulent history of this section of Moravia. Most places can be accessed by cycling routes.

One of the technical monuments is the 16th-century Wesselsky Watermill, where visitors can admire the in-tact mill equipment, and even stay overnight in this inimitably charming setting. One impressive feature is millrace that brings water to the mill: it is almost three kilometres long.

Another similar technical monument is nestled in the forests of Bernartice nad Odrou. It is a so-called “forest mill” that has survived in its original form, including its flour-milling equipment. One of the most picturesque views of the surrounding landscape is offered by Švédská skála (Swedish Crag) near Spálov. It is situated in a spot that was used as early as the Bronze Age by hunters keeping watch over the area. The wooden gazebo is reminiscent of a guard tower that most likely stood here as a protective border for the Bohemian Kingdom.

The natural beauty of the area can be witnessed, for example, in the Meandry Staré Odry (Meanders of the Old Oder) protected area, where the river has created many pools and old river branches that provide a home to birds, amphibians, and wildflowers.

The history of this area—and primarily its spiritual importance not only for Moravia, but for Europe, and, essentially, the whole world—is presented at the Muzeum Moravských bratří (Moravian Brethren Museum) in Suchdol nad Odrou. This place is a reminder of the post-Battle of White Mountain period and of how Suchdol nad Odrou become one of the places that provided protection for the members of the Unity of the Brethren who departed from this area on their missionary journeys to all corners of the world.

Visitors can follow the river’s flow to technical monuments in Studénka, which is home to the Vagonářský muzeum (Railway Carriage Museum). Further along, the Landek Mining Museum in Ostrava is unique complex unfolding along the shore of the Oder River.


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Exploring the Oder River area